If you are interested in any of the artwork below for purchasing, for an event or show or for permission to use the image for any media type purpose, please contact me, Rebe Banasiak at banasiakart@yahoo.com.  All work is copyright to Rebe Banasiak, The Brush Hilt and Banasiak Art Gallery and only a written permission statement by the artist (Rebe Banasiak) is acceptable for any and all image use.

4 thoughts on “Portfolio

    • Hi Madelyn…Sometimes I feel like I have that “natural talent” and sometimes I feel it is all because of my professors in college (Thank you Paul Mitchell from Lewis University, Peggy Macnamara and Olivia Petrides from SAIC). I think it is a little of both. I was always drawn (no puns intended, LOL) to the arts and found myself painting or illustrating all the time. I think the talent was always there, I am just grateful that I have had three of the best professors to have helped me focus my craft and teach me how to control and use that craft. I hope that explains it. Thanks for all the compliments too. I’ll show you how I am creating the feathers at our next AAF/Ox-bow meet up. See you then. — Rebe


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