Where has the time gone…

Wow! It has been about nine months since the last post.  Too much has been going on at work that posting what I am doing in the studio and in the exhibit halls has taken the back burner.  I have been trying to set time aside but to no avail, the time escapes me.  You all know what I am talking about.  Just when you think you have the time to paint, write, update files, etc., etc., etc., the time seems to pass so fast that it is time to go to bed.  Well, that is how it has been for me since mid-June.

My regular job has taken the front seat since the division is short staffed.  When you are down one person, all the others pick up the slack.  I was balancing all my time perfectly; regular museum work, artwork in the studio, artwork in the exhibit halls, working out (got to stay healthy people), and time with family and friends. Probably the only thing I was not able to keep up with were my blog posts here.  Keeping the Facebook and Instagram active is easy.  Basically, you take a photo of what your working on and post.  Not much work there, lol.

Painting and drawing, I have had no problem staying focused all summer.  Focusing on updating my posts, website, and blog, that is where my biggest problems have been.  As many of you know, I consider myself a working artist. To me that means, I work my ass off to do my art but have a regular job to pay the bills (which I wrote about here, “Yes, I do have another job to pay the bills…”).  Well, the full-time job has needed me more than ever this past October through February.   We had an unexpected tragedy happen to someone we work with and someone I look up to and admire as both a mentor, boss and friend.  I have been helping out with taking care of what he used to do with the other three members of our division.  It has been hard but when “everything happened” I went into a slump, a kind of mini-state of parent neglect to my artwork.  Yes, this “mother of drawings” (pun intended) placed down her pencils, pens and brushes and forgot to finish work that I wanted to have finished before the end of the year.  Many things have been left on the sidelines, oil pastels needing glazing, mini-ink paintings needing layers added, drawings looking for pastel to start covering them.

Well, since the first of the year, everything has slowly been coming into place.  I have been able to go to my Artist at the field drawing dates to continue on paintings and drawings from this past couple years.  Slowly but surely, artwork will get finished this year.  I do not know how many posts I can write to update you all on the progress but I will try.  Until the next posting.  Happy days!



A full year is complete…

And I have been through one exhausting yet complete year of blogging.  Although, I have gone some weeks (even months) without a post, I was able to come up with all kinds of ideas to write about.

This next full year I will try to stick to a bimonthly posting schedule.  I know that it will be hard to stick to but it doesn’t hurt to try it.  I have plenty of ideas to share.  I will be starting some new work over the next month and will blog about how the processes are going.  Some posts will be long and some short (like the TBT posts).  I am also happy to answer any questions about my art, the process I use with the media I work in or just art in general.  I love chatting with my following so any feedback in the comments section is welcome (just, please remember, no profanity).

So, I will leave you now with one last thought for what the upcoming year will be like:

“fall in love with the process of creating,
it will only make your life more interesting”


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone in cyber world!  I am back with plenty of ideas, some new artwork started and lots of good things to write about.

If you are someone who makes resolutions then I have some good ones to share with you.  More like self improvements for me to accomplish so I can have a more full and satisfied art career and life in general.  So here is what I came up with:


As these are more about self fulfillment, the 2015 GOALS are a bit different.  They are directly intertwined with my art life.  They are also small goals (for me) in comparison to years past.  I already have number 4 checked off the list.  Started the Instagram account last night, YEAH baby!  So here are my goals for the year:


If any of you have resolutions or goals planned for this year, keep your chin up and held high.  You may not be able to get them all done but it’s trying that counts.

See you all later and keep your eyes open for new posts.


Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

Yes…it’s that one day in June where I get to celebrate that one person in my life who has taught me all that I know in life.  My dad, my pop, yes, my father.

He taught me that everyday is a lesson in life.  You have to learn from your mistakes and overcome obstacles life throws at you. You never know what is going to come around the corner so be prepared for anything.  Now, don’t think that this paints him as a “serious” father.  On the contrary, he was the one who was able to get my sister and I to come out of our shy shells.  I can remember family parties where I would stand by myself and be so scared to be around others that dad was always there to bring me along or encourage me to start talking to others.  Little did he know, that was the beginning of this little creation who now goes out of her way to include others in conversations and activities, where ever I go.

Portrait of my dad in his Air Force uniform. Graphite on paper, 1994.

Portrait of my dad in his Air Force uniform. Graphite on paper, 1994.

He is also that fun dad.  He taught me how to throw and catch a baseball and also how to bat (from both sides, I might add). He taught me how to golf, how to drive, how to saw, hammer, and sand anything to build.  He taught me how to garden and how to use the snow blower.  He even taught me how to use a Nikon SLR camera at the age of 6.  My dad is the best.  He knows how to make you laugh and how to calm you down.  He was the one who brought me to our neighborhood ice cream parlor, Dove Candies, which has produced awesome memories.  I can remember my first White Sox game with him at Sox Park.  My first Blackhawks game at the Stadium.  And, as always, those father/daughter day trips driving around on Saturday mornings going to garage sales or out to different small towns to shop at local hobby stores.  My dad is my friend, my buddy, my confidant, but most importantly, he is MY DAD!  I love my dad with all my heart, so here is to you dad, not just today, but everyday…I raise my glass and wish you a HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!

Chilly air, warm studio…

The Chicago freezing temperatures have closed where I work for the past two days so I have been in the studio catching up on some painting.

Hope, Mexican grey wolf, ink on clayboard, 18x24"

Hope, Mexican grey wolf, ink on clayboard, 18×24″

I started this painting from a photo of mine of Hope, one of the Mexican grey wolves from Brookfield Zoo.  Wolves have always been some of my favorite animals to draw and paint and now that I have been able to get some wonderful shots of Brookfields pack, I have been creating sketches, illustrations, and paintings this past year.  I am hoping that over the next week I can finish this painting so I can move onto the next piece that has to be finished. Hopefully, my little helper (Stephanie the cat) doesn’t distract me and get in the way.  😉

Stephanie the cat, my little studio helper.

Stephanie the cat, my little studio helper.

And so it begins…

Hi everyone…this is the first post.  I hope that everyone enjoys what I will be presenting in my new website (blog).  For all my Facebook followers, this is one more way you can follow my creative happenings.  Explore the gallery and share the new website with your friends. Tootles everyone and enjoy!  🙂

Illustrating at the Mayslake Peabody Estate's Family Day, 2013.  Photo by Melissa Wagner.

Illustrating at the Mayslake Peabody Estate’s Family Day, 2013. Photo by MissLissa Photography.