Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

Yes…it’s that one day in June where I get to celebrate that one person in my life who has taught me all that I know in life.  My dad, my pop, yes, my father.

He taught me that everyday is a lesson in life.  You have to learn from your mistakes and overcome obstacles life throws at you. You never know what is going to come around the corner so be prepared for anything.  Now, don’t think that this paints him as a “serious” father.  On the contrary, he was the one who was able to get my sister and I to come out of our shy shells.  I can remember family parties where I would stand by myself and be so scared to be around others that dad was always there to bring me along or encourage me to start talking to others.  Little did he know, that was the beginning of this little creation who now goes out of her way to include others in conversations and activities, where ever I go.

Portrait of my dad in his Air Force uniform. Graphite on paper, 1994.

Portrait of my dad in his Air Force uniform. Graphite on paper, 1994.

He is also that fun dad.  He taught me how to throw and catch a baseball and also how to bat (from both sides, I might add). He taught me how to golf, how to drive, how to saw, hammer, and sand anything to build.  He taught me how to garden and how to use the snow blower.  He even taught me how to use a Nikon SLR camera at the age of 6.  My dad is the best.  He knows how to make you laugh and how to calm you down.  He was the one who brought me to our neighborhood ice cream parlor, Dove Candies, which has produced awesome memories.  I can remember my first White Sox game with him at Sox Park.  My first Blackhawks game at the Stadium.  And, as always, those father/daughter day trips driving around on Saturday mornings going to garage sales or out to different small towns to shop at local hobby stores.  My dad is my friend, my buddy, my confidant, but most importantly, he is MY DAD!  I love my dad with all my heart, so here is to you dad, not just today, but everyday…I raise my glass and wish you a HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!

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