A full year is complete…

And I have been through one exhausting yet complete year of blogging.  Although, I have gone some weeks (even months) without a post, I was able to come up with all kinds of ideas to write about.

This next full year I will try to stick to a bimonthly posting schedule.  I know that it will be hard to stick to but it doesn’t hurt to try it.  I have plenty of ideas to share.  I will be starting some new work over the next month and will blog about how the processes are going.  Some posts will be long and some short (like the TBT posts).  I am also happy to answer any questions about my art, the process I use with the media I work in or just art in general.  I love chatting with my following so any feedback in the comments section is welcome (just, please remember, no profanity).

So, I will leave you now with one last thought for what the upcoming year will be like:

“fall in love with the process of creating,
it will only make your life more interesting”


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