New adventures in video! OOOOoooooo!

Video Adventures 1 So I found this video on my computer that my cousin Melissa shot (for some odd reason) of me coloring in the snowy owls face. ¬†Even though it is only 12 second long, it shows how I slowly layer color to create the texture of the feathers on the face. ¬†Hopefully, I … Continue reading New adventures in video! OOOOoooooo!

Who, who….. the snowy owl that’s who!

It's been awhile since I posted so here is a little something about the latest piece I have recently finished. Just a little background about why some things take me longer to finish than others. When I am busy at my regular job and also in life, I tend to start new drawings, illustrations, paintings, … Continue reading Who, who….. the snowy owl that’s who!