It’s 2017 and I decided to do INKtober.  Well, as the month started, I started at a very eager pace.  The prompt list from Jake Parker’s website was a good list that I had decided to theme out.  My purpose was to keep it within the fantasy/sci-fi/adventure movies and TV shows that everyone was familiar with.  The movie series I had picked to sketch from were from Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings/Hobbit and Game of Thrones series.  I matched characters or scenes with the definition of the word either as a true representation of the meaning or an underlying meaning of the word.

Week one went very well but slow.  It was actually pretty easy to sit down and sketch and ink out one drawing the first couple days.  I planned to not go over 2 hours per sketch and inking.  This went well for the first five days.

BB-8 for the “SWIFTest” little astro mech in the galaxy.
Anakin “DIVIDED” between his light and dark sides.
Draught of Living Death as the perfect “POISON“.
The Grindylow that lives “UNDERWATER“.
Frodo and Sam’s “LONG” road to Modor.
Longclaw, the “SWORD” of Jon Snow.
SHY” Ginny Weasley glancing from behind Molly’s sweater

On the sixth day I hit a bit of a bump in the road. When “SWORD” as the sixth word came up, my first thought was “Longclaw” from Game of Thrones.  Pretty easy, you might think, but as you can see in the photo, I used up almost all of my micron on the cross-hatching.  So, this one sketch, keep me going for about two evenings.  I did catch up two days later by finishing week one’s words and starting on week 2.

This is when my world turned upside down.  Between artwork and regular work, I was propelled into a whirlwind of evenings not being able to sketch a full 2 hours.  Some of my sketching and inking was fast or mediocre from what I can really do and it shows.  I started to fall behind on daily sketching as well.  I did tell myself to just keep going and if I was behind, I was behind as long as I got through as many words as I could.

The second weeks of words were actually done over the rest of the month.

“One-quarter potion” growled the “CROOKED” Unkar Plutt.
The “SCREECH” from the beloved Hedwig.
Hagrid merrily dancing with the “GIGANTIC” Madame Maxine.
RUN” Gendry, run.
Lord Commander Snow “SHATTERED” one of the ice kings.
Smaug’s lair is “TEEMING” with gold.
Princess Leia, “FIERCE” — enough said!

I must confess, that I do like a good challenge but I have to make sure that I have the time to complete the challenge.  I was only able to finish 10 words within the month of October but I started words 11 and 12 and plan to continue to draw out the rest of the words until Fan-Art February starts.  I may just continue from the themes that I am using now and you can follow my progress on Instagram at @banasiakart.  😛

Next up cougar portrait in pastel:  A how-to explanation of how I created a cougar portrait in pastel.  Stay tuned.

New adventures in video! OOOOoooooo!

Video Adventures 1

So I found this video on my computer that my cousin Melissa shot (for some odd reason) of me coloring in the snowy owls face.  Even though it is only 12 second long, it shows how I slowly layer color to create the texture of the feathers on the face.  Hopefully, I will be able to show more videos of me drawing and painting in the future.  The video is on my Facebook page at this link,

mini-Video 1 – Snowy owl tidbits

or you can just go to my Facebook page Banasiak Art Galleryand click on the “Videos” tab to see the first of many videos to come.

Adding color to the Snowy owl's face creating the texture of the feathers.

Adding color to the Snowy owl’s face creating the texture of the feathers. Photo by Melissa Wagner.

Who, who….. the snowy owl that’s who!

It’s been awhile since I posted so here is a little something about the latest piece I have recently finished.

Just a little background about why some things take me longer to finish than others.

When I am busy at my regular job and also in life, I tend to start new drawings, illustrations, paintings, or other fine art pieces and then decide to slowly walk away and let the idea of leaving them fester inside me until I give myself a non-committal deadline, if that is what you can call it.  I also have a problem with staying on task, which is me self-diagnosing myself with ADHD and using it as an excuse.  I jump from one started project to the next and back to another and the cycle goes on and on and on, until I start to pull my slowly whitening hair out.  You get the picture.  Sooner or later, everything does get done……eventually.

So this brings me to explain the “Who” in my blog title this month.  I started an illustration of the snowy owl mount in the bird exhibit hall at the Field Museum about a year ago.  I drew the outline one Saturday and then put it back in my portfolio and decided to draw something else.

Outline of the Snowy owl illustration.

Well, last September I decided to start adding color.  Every Saturday that I met with my one art group called Artist at the field, I worked on this owl.  I decided that I wanted to use colored pencils.  They are one of those media that I am so comfortable with that I can basically use them in my sleep, plus the fact I have not created anything in colored pencil in a long time, I mean a very long time.  Since the snowy owl doesn’t have too much coloration I opted to use my Derwent drawing pencils.  There are AWESOME!  24 colors in the range and they are dull and muted colors perfect for the owl.  I LOVE THEM!  They are wonderful because they erase with ease just like a graphite pencil.  I figured, why not, so slowly I added color.

Color on the face.

Color on the face.

The face was first.  A little white here, a little brown there, a little blue here.  The muted colors actually worked well on the dark colored paper I picked. I added color as highlights, I added other colors as shadows, but the best part was using the pencils to create the pattern on the wings and back.

Ventral plumage and start of the wings.

Ventral plumage and start of the wings.

Wing and the feather pattern.

Wing and the feather pattern.

The trick is you do not draw out each and every feather. The technique I use is placing color as highlights or shadows where you see it to give the illusion that there are feathers. I also make sure I use pencils that are really sharp.  The tip being sharp is very essential to getting the little feathered texture on the wings and underbelly.

After I had the owl finished, I started on the rodent in the owl’s talons.  The poor little guy never had a chance.  Oh well.  Finishing the rodent was pretty easy, one, it was a small area of the paper, and two, it was nice to actually put strokes of hair on the paper. Once the rodent was finished I started the snow and rock.

Rodent finished and starting the rock.

Rodent finished and starting the rock.

The foreshortening and slant of the rock seemed very odd when I drew it at first.  Once I started to color it in I noticed that I needed to either add more bumps and pot marks or take away where there were too much texture.  All in all, I think I was pretty successful in creating a realistic rock.

Rock and snow.

Rock and snow.

With that last stroke I was able to put down my pencils and breath a sigh of relief.  I had finished one more piece.  I was so excited that when my group colleagues came to get me for lunch they saw me jumping around for joy.  Yay, I got a little excited.  I love that feeling of satisfaction when I finish a piece.  What was also nice was when I placed the finished piece in front of the exhibit mount I was drawing, every person passing by stopped to say how beautiful it was.  And here is the finished Snowy Owl.

Snowy owl, 2014, Dewent colored drawing pencils on Mi-tients paper, 19x25.  Copyright Banasiak Art Gallery and Rebe Banasiak.

Snowy owl, 2014, Dewent colored drawing pencils on Mi-tients paper, 19×25. Copyright Banasiak Art Gallery and Rebe Banasiak.

Snowy owl with mount in exhibit case.

Snowy owl with mount in exhibit case.