Lewis University’s 8th Annual President’s Show

This year’s first show was yet again one of my favorite places to visit, the Lewis University’s 8th Annual President’s Show.  I have also taken part in the past three years and have loved every second I step back onto campus.  I love going back there when ever I can.  It feels like I am going back to one of my “homes” from my past.

Brown pelican, 18x24, colored pencil on matte board

Brown pelican, 18×24, colored pencil on matte board

The five years I spent at Lewis were some of the best I will remember.  Most of the art department has changed physically but the small family bonding experience is still there.

Thanks in part to my old classmate and friend Mark Swain, professor and head of the art department, and his wife Natalie, the gallery manager (who once again put up an awesome display of artwork), the place still has that family friendly feel to it.  Our old mentor and teacher, Paul Mitchell, was one of the best professors that guided me to create what I do today.

I went to the opening of the Presedent’s show this past February.  I spent some time talking to some of the students and was happy that they are getting the same wonderful education I did back almost 20 years ago.  It makes me proud to say I am an alumni from Lewis U.  What was also nice was the fact that we got to celebrate Brother James’ last year as president of the university and his last time hosting the annual show.  He hasn’t changed all these years.

Me with fellow alumni and Brother James.

Me with fellow alumni and Brother James.

I cannot wait until next year and what will be brought to the show from all the alumni and students.  If you want to check out more photos from the show, you can visit the gallery’s Facebook page here, www.facebook.com/LewisuArt.

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