AAF @ the Field Museum

The first two months have been crazy for me.  I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning, both at my regular job at the museum and also in my studio.  But there have been some good things happening as well.

First, I was part of Lewis University’s President’s Show.  Also had three pieces picked for a show in April (I’ll blog about that one later on). But this month is different.  The artist group I’m in, Artist at the field, has been having a mini-showcase at………..

(wait for it)……..

The Field Museum!

It is just in an exhibit case outside their Harris Education Center’s location on the ground floor but it is still something special for me.  As an artist in the group, I usually have to deal with crowds while working in the exhibit halls but that is trumped by the people I end up talking to who ask questions because they were unaware that the Field is an artist friendly location.  Even better is when they are very complimenting to whatever I am working on and want to know more about working at the museum.

This brings me back to the mini-show.

Peggy Macnamara was talking with the HEC manager, Wendy, and she liked the idea of us hanging our work up to show what we do on the Saturdays we are all in.  This mini- show has most of the original (core) members included but I am hoping that when I am done completing the AAF website, we can garner some interest in getting more opportunities for the group as a whole to show all of the memeber’s work. 

I think the case looks great and with the advertisement of the Artist at the field website, the Facebook page and Leonard’s email, hopefully our little group can be noticed and grow to be a recognized group throughout Chicago.  I want to thank my friend Ella for helping Peggy and I hang the show and take photos.

I can now say that I have had my artwork hanging in the Field Museum.  How many artist’s can say that!

You can see the mini-show located outside the Harris Education Center in the west hall of the ground floor of the museum.  Artwork will be on display until the end of the month, March 31st, 2016.

AAf member artwork in display case outside the Field Museum's Harris Education Center.

AAF member artwork in display case outside the Field Museum’s Harris Education Center.

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